Friday, June 29, 2012

Without You

I stated in my first blog that I used to blog on MySpace. Well I was searching through some old blogs and I came across a poem the Lord gave me around the 1 year anniversary of Averie's death and I would like to share it with you. Without You Written By: Tressa Booth November 25, 2008 I walked through this year without you Without your face, without your hands Without your little legs learning to stand Most times I'm okay and full joy when I think of you But other times I'm paralyzed by the raw feelings of missing you Why I have to walk through the rest of my life without you I will never understand But I'm comforted in knowing that you are in better hands When will I see you again I do not know But one thing's for sure, when that day comes I'll be ready to go Until then I'll live life here to the fullest and carry you my heart For by doing that it's safe to say we will never part I love you Averie Marie and that will never die For I know one day soon beside you in heaven I will lie  

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