Friday, December 7, 2012


Well I’ve been gone for awhile. It’s been way too long since I’ve blogged. To be completely honest, I’ve been in a writing funk. I guess you could say I’ve had writer’s block. I think it’s cleared up as the Christmas season is in full swing. How could you not write about this time of year?! It’s my favorite!

It’s tradition in the Booth home to put up our Christmas décor the first Saturday in November. No, we aren’t crazy! That is perfectly normal. Ha! It’s actually a tradition that was started somewhat by my sweet Avie girl. We were so excited to have her home from the hospital. We were finally together as a family and beginning to feel normal. We couldn’t wait to share our favorite time of year with the newest member of our family so we decided to put up our Christmas decorations extra early that year. Saturday, November 1st, 2007, we spent the entire day putting up our Christmas tree, making yummy holiday snacks and introducing Averie to our favorite Christmas movies. It’s a day that I will never forget. I can still see Averie setting in her swing staring at the TV while we played “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” She was wide eyed and curious about all the life and colors around her. Little did we know she wouldn’t get to see Christmas day. You better believe I’m so grateful we went ahead and did things extra early that year.

So now in her memory every year we put up our Christmas decorations the first Saturday in November. We have “Angel Averie” ornaments that Asher loves to put on the tree. Continuing to incorporate her into our lives makes Asher feel connected to his sister. Just ask him who his sister is and where she’s at. He will tell you. He knows he has a very special angel watching over him. My two babies, hope and joy! I am a proud mommy.
What are your traditions? Do they point your family to the true meaning of Christmas? Asher is at the age now where we can really begin to teach him about Christmas and why we celebrate. The beautiful thing about that is Averie gets to be a part of that as well. I’m so thankful for Jesus. Because of him I get to hold my family close, enjoy them and live this beautiful life he’s given to the fullest for his glory.


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  1. Thats really neat, thanks for sharing. We have enjoyed starting some traditions with the kids as well. XO